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Welcome to Fourth Grade! We will be working hard to challenge students with rigorous class material so that they get the best education possible. We have high expectations for all students and look forward to their hard work, dedication, and creative ideas. I appreciate questions and comments so please feel free to use the contact information to email me with any concerns that you might have.

About Me

  1. This is my 11th year working at O'Farrell. Why so long? Because I think O’Farrell is the best opportunity for students to create great lives for themselves! Not only am I a fourth grade teacher but I am also the Elementary School Team Leader which means I help other teachers with their classrooms and I help the administration make decisions on how the school runs and I am in charge of the school's student government (ASB). I really appreciate student, teacher, and parent suggestions and comments because even though this is an outstanding place to learn we are always doing our best to keep improving it! I should also note that I love learning new things, I enjoy reading, writing, and creating artwork. I find Science and History fascinating and I love sharing what I learn with students.


AVID Certified

San Diego Area Writing Project Fellow 

Master Degree -Cross-Cultural Teaching 

CA Teaching Credential

CA Administrative Credential

Class Rules

  1. Keep the class safe.  
  2. Treat others as you would like to be treated. 
  3. Work your hardest.  
  4. Help other people succeed. 
  5. Allow others to learn.

Mr. Hopkins
[email protected]
O'Farrell Charter School
Fourth Grade